Social Relationships & Consumer Behavior

In this stream of research, I study the intersection of consumption and relationships. Humans are social beings, and (nearly) all consumption and marketing actions are situated in a social environment. Although consumer researchers have historically studied this social environment by way of social influence from strangers or without considering the personal relationship with the social influencer, I investigate it via close relationships. Moreover, in my research, I recognize that not all close relationships are the same. I incorporate insights from research on relationship psychology into my study of consumer behavior. In doing so, I explore how the complex dynamics of different types of close relationships (e.g., parent/child, spouses, friends, etc.) that consumers have in their lives impact important consumer outcomes such as decision making, emotions, goal pursuit, and consumer and relationship well-being.

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Time Effects & Consumer Behavior

In this stream of research, I examine the effects of time on consumer behavior. Like relationships, time plays an integral and ever-present role in consumers' lives. It is simultaneously a concrete and finite resource (e.g., there are exactly 24 hours in each day) and a subjective experience (e.g., 1 hour can feel shorter or longer depending on how it is spent), and actual and subjective time are common factors in decision making. While consumers can and do explicitly consider time when they make consumption decisions (e.g., when they want to consume something, whether they have enough time, etc.), I explore how the various ways time can be experience indirectly impacts consumer decisions, preferences, and perceptions even when time is not explicitly factored into the decision process.

Opportunities to participate in research (and get paid to do it)

Have your voice heard! My colleague, Jenny Olson, and I recently received funding to start a paid research panel for couples at Indiana University.


Our goal is to establish a diverse and inclusive panel of romantic couples in terms of marital status, sexuality, gender, race, socioeconomic status, disability, age, etc. to help inform our research.

Stay tuned in the coming months for details on how to participate (and how to get paid to do so).

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