Headshot of Kelley Gullo Wight


I'm Kelley.

I am an assistant professor of marketing at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, where I teach Digital Marketing and Consumer Research. In my research, I examine how two ubiquitous experiences in people's lives--social relationships and time--influence consumer behavior and well-being. 

Research Highlights

New in Research: Secret Consumer Behaviors in Close Relationships

Have you ever secretly eaten Taco Bell or watched ahead on Netflix without telling your partner? You're not alone. My recently published research in the Journal of Consumer Psychology with Danielle Brick and Gavan Fitzsimons shows that ~90% of people have recently kept an ordinary, everyday consumer behavior as a secret from a close other. 

We also find it can ironically lead to more investment into the relationship with the close other. So keep eating that secret chocolate!

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